Beaverbrooks Donation – Ash & Elkie Ingham

Ash Ingham contacted Kidney Research Yorkshire earlier this year to tell the story of his wife’s journey with kidney disease.  Ash is an employee at Beaverbrooks store in the White Rose Centre, Leeds and every year they give each employee £100 to donate to a charity of their choice.  Ash and his colleagues put their money together and presented us with a very generous cheque.

Ash told us:-“In January this year my wife Elkie was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. She had been suffering from occasional migraines in the months leading up to the diagnosis, other than this she was like any other healthy 28-year-old.

Although it came as a shock, many of Elkies relatives have suffered with this condition previously. When she was a child, her father had been diagnosed with renal failure in his late twenties. After receiving his kidney transplant he developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma and after trying stem cell treatment and chemo-therapy sadly he was unable to beat the cancer. Her Grandfather and Uncle were also diagnosed with renal failure. Her Uncle received his transplant 9 years ago, this was successful and allowed him to resume his life as it was before. Her Grandfather however also developed cancer and died.

On Diagnosis we discovered that Elkie’s kidneys were functioning at below 5%. Dr San Balasubramanian a Renal Consultant at York District Hospital suggested Peritoneal Dialysis until a donor kidney became available. This would enable dialysis at home through the night meaning that she could still complete her midwifery degree. Elkie is a final year student at Hull University and is eager to graduate this year. It would also cause less disturbance to our routine at home for our children, Bradley (8), Bobby (7) and Ruby (4).

The surgery to fit the peritoneal catheter went well and although recovery was painful by mid-February she was ready to start dialysis. The PD nurses showed us how to set up the machine safely and how the therapy worked. This hasn’t been without its challenges; more than once I’ve woken up in the night with the patient line wrapped around arms, legs and even my neck! Elkie has also being finding it difficult to sleep due to developing the mysterious restless legs syndrome.

Fortunately, whilst we were adjusting to these changes at home, Beaverbrooks, the company I work for were extremely supportive. They gave me time off to care for Elkie whilst she recovered from the surgery. Beaverbrooks also allowed me to change my working hours so that I could be more available at home for our children.

I was first introduced to Kidney Research Yorkshire through Julie, my manager. Every year Beaverbrooks give their employees an amount of money for us as a team to donate to a local charity. After reading about the research that that is supported and funded by KRY Julie, myself and the rest of the team at our store in the White Rose Centre decided that we would like to contribute towards this.

Kidney Research is incredibly important to me as although Elkie has had numerous tests, scans and biopsies, nobody was able to find the cause of the renal failure. It is also worrying when you take into account the family history that we may have to go through this again with our children some day.

Elkie’s mum is currently being tested for suitability as candidate for a kidney transplant”

Mo Ashbridge of Kidney Research Yorkshire receiving the donation from Emma at Beaverbrooks, White Rose Centre, Leeds.

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