A Night to Remember Carly Jackson

On Saturday 4 December, family and friends dined and danced the night away to remember the life of mother of two, Carly Jackson, from York, who died in March 2021 – four years after being diagnosed with kidney disease, raising funds for two Kidney Charities, Kidney Research Yorkshire and Kidney Care UK.

In 2017, Carly fell ill and was admitted to hospital with a kidney functioning at just 6%, Following months of visits to various doctors, nurses and consultants, Carly had lines put in so that she could undergo dialysis treatment 3 times a week at York Hospital. This was a difficult period getting used to the routine and having to spend so much time in hospital away from her children.

Two years later, however, Carly was given delighted to be given the opportunity have a transplant, so on 24th May 2019, Carly was given a donated kidney from a family friend after they had all been tested for a match. A kidney transplant, however, is not a cure for kidney disease, but a treatment, so there is always a risk that the kidney will be rejected.

Following the transplant, Carly’s was losing function in the lower third of her kidney and over the next year had numerous infections meaning several stays in hospital. She then contracted pneumonia and due to a severely compromised immune system, Carly’s body was unable to fight it, even with the intensive care team doing all they could, Carly passed away at 3:35pm on March 9th 2021 – just 12 hours after her last admittance to hospital.

The time of Carly’s passing was during COVID and there was no opportunity for friends and family to come together to celebrate her life – so they decided to organise something to honour her memory and at the same time raise funds for two charities that work to make a difference to people living with kidney disease. 

Carly’s sister, Stacie Jackson-Ross, and parents Tracey & Stuart spent months planning a dinner-dance at the Hilton, York. Making sure that the entertainment would have met with Carly’s approval – the focus was for the 140 guests on the dance floor, having a good time – which they did with a DJ and saxophonist to give a party atmosphere. 

Thanks to Carly’s family’s hard work, and amazing support from local businesses who provided over 80 prizes for two raffles, alongside the ticket sales – which sold out in just 20 hours – a fantastic £12,517 was raised at the dinner in memory of Carly.

Speaking about the event, Stacie said “We think that Carly will have been really proud of what we achieved together in her honour. Her two children, Maddie aged 8 and Jorgie aged 5 were able to be present at the dinner which made it extra special. There was so much love in the room for their Mummy – hopefully this will be a treasured memory for them as they grow up.”

Carly’s friends described her as ‘one in a billion’ and ‘a force of nature’ and Stacie says of her sister “she was warm and mothering, a real livewire and hilarious. She loved her family and her children fiercely and is so missed every single day by so many people.” We really appreciate the amazing fundraising efforts of Stacie and the family and friends of Carly for their fantastic support and for choosing to remember her in such an amazing way.”

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  1. Stacey was my soul mate not long after carly had her transplant I ended up on dialysis for a gruelling 3 yrs I would phone carly on the odd occasion pouring out my sorrow she would say right mandy shut the f up get dressed get round here for a cuppa she soon brought me out of it but that was carly all over I used to take her 2 little beautiful girls sweets to share , she was one proud yummy mummy and she will live on in her children forever 💕💕💕


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