Kidney disease is a silent killer. Over three million people in the UK are suffering from it right now. An estimated one million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure.

For over 40 years, Yorkshire Kidney Research Fund supported developments in treatment and with better information for patients and raising public awareness have been saving lives. With health trends and an aging population, the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, our work is more essential now than ever.

Living with kidney disease pervades every aspect of life – what you can eat, drink, your ability to work, have holidays, spend quality time with your family – all is adversely affected by this condition. It is for this reason that the Yorkshire Kidney Research Fund was founded in 1970, to support research to improve the lives of adults and children who suffer from a variety of kidney disorders.

Now relaunched as Kidney Research Yorkshire, the charity supports projects all over Yorkshire and the Humber (or elsewhere), supporting research to improve diverse areas of kidney disease and its treatment.

Our Charity relies on donations to support everything we do, the main aim being to make a positive difference to kidney patients and their families.

We therefore very much appreciate the donations made by the people who give, and are thankful for their generosity in helping us to work towards saving lives.